MatchPoint Tennis Academy

It takes about 7-10 years of training for most tennis players to achieve elite levels. With that in mind, we at MPTA approach training with long-term goals in mind for the majority of our students. At MPTA we know that a long time commitment to training and development is essential to produce high-level tennis players.

A specific well-planned training regiment will ensure optimum development throughout a tennis player’s career and control the stress levels on player’s body and mind as well. A lack of planning can lead to over-training, injuries and burnout. There is no way around athletic preparation if you want to succeed. Athletes should follow specific steps throughout their development. Rushing through those steps will most likely result in shortcomings in physical, technical, tactical and most of all psychological abilities.

Mission Statement

To provide all MatchPoint Students with the best possible tools to help them overcome all technical, tactical, strategic, and mental shortcomings on the tennis court as well as to help our players to develop the proper work ethics that will help them on and off the court in their future endeavors.

Matchpoint also offers:

MATCH PLAY- MPTA Junior Matchplay is included in the price of each Junior Program Package (Except Quick Start) Junior Match Play is offered on the weekends and advanced sign up is required.

Summer Camps


Ball Machines


Adult Clinics

Private Lessons

Special Programs

For more information call: (714) 541-0503

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