Junior Academy

Match Point Junior Academy

Where we put your child on the best path towards a high school or college tennis career and beyond.

What It Takes

It takes about 7-10 years of training for most tennis players to achieve elite levels. With that in mind, we at MPTA approach training with long-term goals in mind for most of our students. At MPTA we know that a long-time commitment to training and development is essential to produce high-level tennis players.

A specific well-planned training regimen will ensure optimum development throughout a tennis player's career and control the stress levels on player's body and mind as well. A lack of planning can lead to over-training, injuries, and burnout. There is no way around athletic preparation if you want to succeed. Athletes should follow specific steps throughout their development. Rushing through those steps will most likely result in shortcomings in physical, technical, tactical and most of all psychological abilities.


Pre-Novice/Quick start

Suited for players from the basic level to players competing in the orange and green dot balls divisions.

Tuesday/Wed/Thursday 4:00 – 5:00PM
Saturday 9:00 – 10:00AM


  • $40/day (Trial or Drop-In)
  • $160/month for 1 day a week
  • $300/month for 2 days a week
  • $420/month for 3 days a week
2006 Rachel, Helena, Lyndon & Richard


Best suited for players 10-14 years old who are playing well on USTA Circuit & L7 or transitioning to L6 tournaments. Most kids between 10-14 years old are in this category.

Monday to Friday from 5:00 – 7:00PM
Saturday from 8:30 – 10:30AM


  • $80/day (Trial or Drop-In)
  • $300/month for 1 day a week
  • $540/month for 2 days a week
  • $750/month for 3 days a week
  • $960/month for 4 days a week
  • $1,200/month for 5 days a week
June07 263


Please call to inquire about advanced program qualifications.

Monday to Friday 4:00 – 6:00PM
Saturday 10:30AM– 12:30PM


  • $80/day (Trial or Drop-In)
  • $300/month for 1 day a week
  • $540/month for 2 days a week
  • $750/month for 3 days a week
  • $960/month for 4 days a week
  • $1,200/month for 5 days a week

High School

This program is designed/recommended for students that have had at least 12-18 months of playing experience.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday 5:00 - 7:00PM
Saturday 10:00AM – 12:00PM


  • $80/day (Trial or Drop-In)
  • $300/month for 1 day a week
  • $540/month for 2 days a week
  • $750/month for 3 days a week
  • $960/month for 4 days a week

Sunday Match Play

Sunday: 2:00-3:30 PM (Reservations required by Saturday @ 5PM)


For all levels, including Intermediate, High School, & Advanced

No charge for Match Point Tennis Academy Junior Players.

$25 for all others.

Denis Nguyen

Pre-College Programs

MPTA Pre-College programs are reserved for the dedicated and competitive, year-round player, whose “end-goal” is a spot on a college roster. Acceptance into this “Invitation Only” program is based on individual results as well as the player’s conduct.  Player's must be at least 13 years old and be a part of MPTA regular academy for at least 30 days prior to enrollment.  Options pricing reflects varying ratios of clinic, private lessons and private hitting.

For a detailed description of each Pre-College level and pricing options, as well as player expectations, please inquire with Elson at (714) 724-9407.

Payments and Policies

Discounts for all programs

  • 5% off siblings if all children are enrolled in a monthly package
  • 5% off if paying for three (3) months in advance

New student fees

  • All “new” students/families pay a one-time “family” initiation fee
    of $100 at the time of sign-up.
  • “New” students are defined as
    someone who is not currently enrolled in any Match Point Program for the past 3 months.
  • Initiation fee is $50 for additional siblings.

Private Lessons

Please talk to the Front Desk Staff for information on new student's lesson packages (714) 541-0503

Rules and policies for all programs

  • Reservations are required for all programs
  • To secure your reservation, you must pay in advance
    for the entire month
  • If you are not able to attend clinic, please notify us 1 day in
    advance, so you will be eligible for a makeup clinic
  • Clinics cancelled the same day might not be eligible for make-ups
  • Your monthly tuition cannot be pro-rated except for the month of June and August or when paying for your first and subsequent month
  • Payments are due by the 1st day of each month
  • Credit cannot be carried over to pay for another month.
    However, make ups can be carried over if the student is still
    enrolled in the "same package"
  • Monthly packages are based on “4 weeks”
  • We will schedule a few Sunday makeups for those who can't make up during the week
  • Listed fees are for Cash, Check or Debit Card payments
  • No refunds but future credit may be granted under certain special circumstances

Team Tennis

Directed by Danny Salloum

For more information please contact Danny Salloum at (714) 225-2493

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