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Years at Academy:4

Tennis Player Bio

  • Ranked as high as #1 in Southern California Boys 16 and under
  • Ranked top 5 nationally in national Boys 14 and under
  • 2 ‘Gold Balls’ and 2 ‘Bronze Balls’ in Super National tournaments
  • US National Chemistry Olympiad Semi-finalist
  • National Merit Scholar
  • Accepted to Harvard, Yale, full-tuition scholarship to USC

“Elson and the other instructors at Matchpoint push their students hard but do so in a very friendly and supportive way.  The expectation at the academy is that students put forth their best effort in both tennis and academics, and this standard draws a high caliber group of students to the academy.

Now that I’m out of college into the ‘real world’, I fully appreciate the top quality of mentorship that Matchpoint provided me that carry beyond my tennis days.”

-Jonathan Huang