Eunice Yim
Years at Academy:4

Tennis Player Bio

  • Villa Park High School class of ’09
  • Graduated top 2%
  • Varsity Team Captain 2 years
  • University of California Berkeley class of ’12

Freelance broadcast journalist and entrepreneur.

  Eunice Yim

“Elson has filled so many roles throughout my life.  At first he started as my coach but that quickly evolved to role model and mentor, and even my friend.  But through the different phases one thing Elson has consistently been is a source of unwavering support both on and off the court.  In a world that can more often than not be overwhelming, Elson always finds a way to make sense of the chaos and helps you take on every obstacle one step at a time.

He takes the same approach to coaching tennis and it shows in each of MatchPoint’s student’s work ethic.  From day one Elson will tell you that there is a stepping process to every desired result.  This makes any goal both approachable as well as highly rewarding.  Students learn that hard work and preparation are key to success and Elson is living proof, as are the many successful students he has produced.  Even though it has been years since Elson has coached me on the sidelines of a court, he’s always encouraging me on the sidelines of the most important game…my life.”

-Eunice Yim