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Years at Academy:10

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“I¬†started playing tennis around 4 or 5 years old, and currently coaching tennis in Los Angeles and really enjoying working with kids and adults of all ages and different levels.¬† My brother Serge, who also went to Matchpoint started playing before me and would always go out and practice with my dad. I tagged along to all the practices and began getting jealous of all the attention my brother was getting. I begged my dad if I could try and turned out I was pretty good at it. I jumped around from coach to coach and around the age of 7, we met Elson. He not only developed my game into one of the highest Junior competitors of my time, but I also learned a lot of life lessons from him.

Elson is by far one of the greatest and important people I have had in my life. He’s not only an amazing tennis coach but he truly cares about everyone that steps foot in his academy, tennis wise, academically, and as a person. Some of my fondest memories growing up were on the tennis court at Matchpoint.

-Bianca Modoc

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