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MPTA 2015 Membership Information and Rates

General Membership:

$220/3 months
Couple                           $110/month

  • $100 initial fee
  • 50% off ignition fee and 1 (one) free string job when paying for 3 months.

Free court time:

  • Free use of courts at any time when courts are available.
  • Courts may be reserved for a maximum of 90 minutes per reservation.
  • Courts may be reserved up to a week in advance.
  • $5/day guest fee
  • Failure to cancel reservation at least 4 hours before play time will result in a $5 penalty.
  • Unlimited free use of ball machine when available.

Special Limited Membership:

          $135/3 months

  • No initial fee

Free court time:

  • Free use of courts at any time before 3PM Monday-Friday
  • Courts may be reserved for a maximum of 90 minutes per reservation.
  • Courts may be reserved up to a week in advance.
  • $5/day guest fee
  • Failure to cancel reservation at least 4 hours before play time will result in a $5 penalty.
  • 50% discount on reservation on the weekends
  • 50% discount on ball machine rentals

*10% discount off all membership types for Seniors(55 and older), Juniors (18 and under), Santa Ana Residents, and MPTA Students’ parents. 
* Sunday Match play included on Junior memberships

buy viagra online canada paypalto download application form

buy viagra online cheap canada