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Jump Start Your College Tennis Preparation

It takes about 5-8 years of high quality training for most tennis players to achieve top college playing levels. Let Matchpoint design the proper routine for you during this period. In the past 15 years over 60% of players who have followed supervised training routines by Elson De Cantuaria and MPTA’s  coaching staff have gone on to play college tennis. At MPTA we approach training with long-term goals in mind for our students. We fully understand that a long time commitment to training and development is essential to produce high-level tennis players.

Special Pre-College/Pre-Tour Tennis Programs

These programs are designed for players who are looking for a program to help them get into specific colleges and players/parents with defined professional playing aspirations.

For more detailed information please contact
Elson De Cantuaria at (714) 724-9407

Pre College I & II – $1,100/Month

  • Mandatory practice load throughout the school year:
    PC1: Exclusive workout a week: Monday 5:30-7:00 pm
  • PC2: Exclusive workout per week: Friday 5:30-7:00 pm
  • 3 regular afternoon or Saturday workouts per week
    1 1/2  hour private/hitting lesson per week
  • Free use of clay court (based on availability)
  • 50% discount to reserve clay court
  • No unlimited clinics during the summer 
  • Summer includes 1 daily clinic (60 total) for the 10 weeks of Summer Session, in addition to scheduled Pre-College work outs
  • “All-Day” summer clinic counts as 2 clinics (9 am – 5 pm)

Pre College III & IV – $1,100/Month

  • MWF: 3:30 – 6:00 pm Clinics
  • Monday & Wednesday are Mandatory
  • 1 private lesson per week
  • Unlimited clinics by reservation
  • Free use of clay court (based on availability)
  • 50% discount to reserve clay court
  • Unlimited clinics anytime except summer
  • Summer includes 1 daily clinic (60 total) for the 10 weeks of Summer Session, in addition to scheduled Pre-College workouts
  • “All-Day” summer clinic counts as 2 clinics (9 am – 5 pm)

Pre-College Programs:

MPTA Pre-College programs are reserved for the dedicated and competitive, “year-around” player whose end-goal is a spot on the college roster. Acceptance into this “Invitation Only” program is based on personal results as well as conduct.

To take advantage of the extra training opportunities and resources, all players are expected to attend year-round. Players who drop out of the program at any point will have
to wait for the Fall Season to reenter the program.

For all players who attend the program until the end of their
senior high-school year:

  •  100% college tennis roster placement
  •  75% partial scholarship (tennis or academic)
  •  40% full scholarship (tennis or academic)


  • MPTA will help supervise individual tournament schedules and watch some of the local matches
  • High School players must make arrangements with HS coaches so that pre-college training isn’t interrupted during HS season
  • More than 2 unexcused absences per month may result in being dropped from the program
  • During HS season players will be allowed to miss/switch a few days to accommodate M,W, F matches
  • For summer training, published prices are for players who are enrolled in pre-college programs prior to April 1, 2019
  • All players must be enrolled in regular MPTA programs for a minimum of 1 month prior to Pre-College consideration to facilitate evaluation
  • 5% discount if paying 3 months in advance
  • 5% discount for each sibling enrolled in pre-college programs
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